Monday, September 6, 2010

Living While You're Here

Maybe it's not about living "happily ever after," but about living while you're here.  I wrote a few weeks ago of change, thinking the changes would be pleasantly closer to the desires of my heart.  I did not foresee exes having babies and ex-in-laws moving back.  Or ex-in-laws going to jail.  Yuck!  Why do I still have to hear of these things?  And help my children through yet another messy season?

Because I'm "Mom."

And I've seen such growth (maturing) in the older two.  Yeah, life's messy.  But God is good.  And he has a most spectacular way of taking the good and the bad and giving us something better.  We just have to watch for it.  Because it's not always showy or flashy, but no less extravagant for the time it takes.  Little Sister has discovered the movie "Love Comes Softly."  Sometimes our healings do, too.  To one day look inside and realize, "Oh, that doesn't hurt anymore."  Maybe it's a greater victory because of the time it took.  Hmmm.