Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Miss Me?

I began this post 11-28-10, and am finally publishing 12-8-10.  It seems my freshly cleaned, newly virus-free personal computer is lacking the magic potion that allows me to compose blogs at this moment.  Hence, I am at the library... we spend a lot of time at the library.

Through October I didn't know what to post, what to say.  Through November I was without access to say much of anything.  So now it's December, and there's a lot to say!

We've had some rough times, and we've had some great times.  For this, I'd like to present two ideas:
1.  What is something you would not like your children to know/experience? and
2.  What is something you would desire for your children to know/experience?

My #1:  I would not like for them to know the pain of this (my) life-the single, lonely, vulnerable walk that is mine.  I wish this on no one.

My #2:  I would like for them to know what it's like to give-to give of themselves, to give until they are give out, and know the deep satisifaction that can come, (after, of course, a nap :)

Interesting, how the two seem to be the inside-out of each other.

Until next time, Happy Holidays and God Bless!
From a Peaceful Ozark Hilltop


  1. You are such a gift to your children. You are not alone. Remember God is holding your hand. This is just a season, it will change. Hang in there!!!

  2. Just checking in on you. I hope you are not snowed in.