Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some of What We've Been Doing

Whew!  The time has gone by!  I like to think I've made the most of it.  Hope I have.  I've really been struck this summer with the realization, "I only get one chance at this life thing."  The kids are growing and healthy, the bills are paid, and God loves me.  Er-bear turned 10 this summer, and I am 32.  Life is messy, but God is good.

We made it two weeks into July without air conditioning.  We'd never done that before, so now we have the experience and know we can do it if we have to.  But July 18 I saw the forecast high temps and high humidity and thought, "I don't know if I can do this."  So that eve I turned things on.  It took off the edge so we could sleep, but by noon the next day, wasn't working again.  Put in a call, and by bedtime we were good to go.  Praise God!  Yeah, I still have to shopvac the vents because the gremlins have jimmied the drain, but at least we're cool.  Even the tomatoes suffered, because I was too hot to mess with gardening.  But now that I know I can get cool, the tomatoes are looking a lot better :)

We've spent a lot of time at the library.  I've enjoyed selecting a stack of books, settling into a quiet corner with Little Sister and reading together.  The kiddos took an interest in the summer reading program, and that has given us something to break up the monotony of schooling through the summer without co-op.  The older two have read 2,000 plus pages and have their names entered in the drawing.  Little Sister has had 75 plus books read to her.  If she gets to 100, she'll be entered in a drawing also.  The library will be having a pizza party on the 7th, when the summer reading program ends.  It's been nice to have this to look forward to.  Another favourite has been Hank the Cowdog.  A friend introduced us to this series of books, and he's turned out to be great fun!

Co-Op started up for us this week.  The classes are Cooking, Choir, PE, and Art.  God has put together a great bunch of people.  I am so blessed to be a part.  By September, we will begin our new homeschool year:  6th, 3rd, Preschool.  Lots of good things to look forward to :)
Also I've been selling on ebay for a friend.  So, that's my update of what we've been doing.  If I fall behind again, know that I haven't forgotten, and I'll see you soon! 

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  1. You're such a good mommy!!! We were without a/c for only 2 days, bless your heart. My garden dried up about 3 wks ago, but I was glad.