Monday, February 15, 2010

One Word

 Where is...?  What is...?  Or the first thing you think of...  Answer in one word!

 1.  Cel phone?  None
 2.  Your hair?  Blonde
 3.  Your mother?  Nearby
 4.  Your father?  Closer
 5.  Your favorite food?  Potatoes
 6.  Your dream last night?  Friends
 7.  Your favorite drink?  Caffeine
 8.  Your dream/goal?  Praise
 9.  What room are you in?  Bliss
10.  Your hobby?  Praying
11.  Your fear?  Failure
12.  Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Traveling
13.  Where were you last night?   Home
14.  Something that you aren't?  Tall
15.  Muffins?  Yummm
16.  Wish list item?  Firepit
17.  Where did you grow up?  Missouri
18.  Last thing you did?  Dishes
19.  What are you wearing?  Pjs
20.  Your TV?  On
21.  Pets?  Lots
22.  Friends?  Some
23.  Life?  Good
24.  Mood?  Thankful
25.  Missing someone?   Yes
26.  Vehicle?  Yes
27.  Something you are not wearing?  Earrings
28.  Favorite store?  JCP
29.  Favorite color?  Red
30.  Last time you laughed?  Yesterday
31.  Last time you cried?  Saturday
32.  Best friend?  Jesus
33.  Place you go over and over?  Computer
34.  One person who emails regularly?  Grace
35.  Favorite place to eat?  Mom's

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