Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

These are some random thoughts and happenings from our home to yours.  Enjoy!

Twilight Talk:  My oldest daughter informed me, as we were watching  Edward protect Bella from an auto accident, "Mom, Edward had to save his lunch!"  It took a minute for me to realize what she said, but once it sank it, I chuckled.  How on earth did she come up with that?  How funny.  Thanks, Er-bear. 

My baby, soon to be four, has been testing the limits of her vocabulary.  Upon hearing the lastest burst of genius from her little lips, she was instructed to apologize to her sister.  Yep she said it!  "E, I'm sorry I said *@#!.  Will you forgive me?"  And it may not have been good, and it may not have been the best thing, but then again, maybe it was just the thing we needed, for none of us could help it, and we all burst out laughing!  It really was such a stress reliever!  And we'll all learn...that none of us are perfect  :)

We watched "While You Were Sleeping" this past week.  Now my kids can quote it:  "Nice coat. Merry Christmas to you too. You're beautiful! Will you marry me?  I love you! "  And act it out:  Thud, as she drops her head on the desk.  Drama, as Peter falls on the tracks. 

Maybe we should work drama into our schedule? 

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