Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Priceless Moments

I had a couple of different blog ideas, but again, I've had to combine them or forget them!  Individually they would have been "How Did You Spend Your Friday Night?"  and "Adventures in Homemade Pizza."  So grab a slice, pull up a chair, and "set" a spell.

Last week my kids were with their dad.  By Friday I realized the starter in my Jeep needs replaced, or I'm gonna be sitting.  So with a little help, the part was purchased and put on, no problem!  How did you spend your Friday night? Mine was spent in the shop as Dad changed the starter for me.  Thanks, Dad.

Fixed in time to pick up kids Saturday afternoon.  Spent the weekend settling back into the familiar comfort of home.  Sunday we had Bible study.  What a lovely day!  Monday, back to school.  I'm realizing my preschooler needs more time with me so today we sat on the couch with some books.  Her "school" time.  At one point I asked if she could sing her abc's.  Without missing a beat, she jumps right in, "A, B, C, I wanna piece of cake!"

And later on our Monday, the older two are preparing homemade pizza.  My son was concerned with the amount of cheese he should put on.  I very clearly, enunciating and pausing so he'll understand, have this to say:  "'Exceeding abundant, above all that you ask or think, according to God's riches in glory by Christ Jesus,' put cheese on that pizza."  Ephesians 3:20, said in love, followed by light-hearted laughter and a cheese-covered sausage pizza on a homemade wheat crust.  Tasty.  "Oh taste and see the Lord is good."

And now our Tuesday...  We had a rough start, but we got through it.  Had an enjoyable school day, meals were easy, and we were able to end our day on a high note.  Nothing remarkable, except the simple, beautiful day that it was.

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