Friday, December 25, 2009

Why I Like Twilight

I may intentionally or unintentionally give something away,
so you've been forewarned.

My mom doesn't understand my obsession with Twilight.
I don't know if this can be explained.

1.  The movie is shorter than the book.  The novel is so much better, but really, I can't finish it enjoyably in an hour and a half.

2.  I appreciate the lack of swearing.  The violence is not so over the top it becomes distasteful.

3.  I enjoy the drama and tension.  The wanting but denying.

4.  Probably the zing for me is Bella and her father.  We all love Bella and Edward, and Jacob is fine, but the father/daughter chemistry grabs at my heart and I so want their relationship to prosper.

5.  Irony.  Edward escorts Bella to prom, and after a life-threatening situation, hospitalization, and a walking cast, says, "You are so trying to kill me!"  What's not to like about that? 

6.  Choosing to live.  Bella says dying is easy but life is hard.  Edward says he will not end her life for her.

7.  Dr. Cullen.  Vampires or not, they have a strong sense of family, protecting each other and their secret.

This is the movie I choose to keep me company while the kids are gone.  DVD permanently resides in the DVD player when they are away.  I just finished it before posting this, and will watch it again.

So here you go Mom, I hope this helps.
p.s.  It might have helped had you actually finished the movie.


  1. Darn movie takes away my "us" time lol.Just kick back and relax!

  2. Alright already.... We need a new post!