Monday, December 21, 2009

A Life Shared

My grandparents on my father's side is my favorite story, and where most of my favorite stories have their origins, since so much of my time was spent there.  And as my last post was mostly pictures of my grandpa, I thought maybe this time I should elaborate.

You see, 2006 was quite a year for us.  Grandma passed away in March, my third baby was born shortly after that, summer turning into fall my marriage ended.  And in the healing process, I got to know my Grandpa again.

My grandparents married in 1947, and had Grandma stuck around a few more months, would have been wed 59 years.  They introduced eight children into the Ozarks, two girls, two boys, two more girls, and two more boys.  No twins, and I think somewhere between the first three Grandma may have miscarried.  I only heard her tell this story once, and never heard it from anyone else.

I am the first-born daughter of their first-born son, eighth of sixteen grandchildren produced by those eight Ozarks originals and their spouses.

My youngest child was just over two when I started going to the singings with Grandpa last summer (2008).  There was once when I didn't get in until 11, which was late for me with three kids in tow!  I told my dad his dad kept me out too late!

Another time someone had been "encouraging" me that I "needed me a rich feller."  Grandpa surprised me by adding, "Yep, with one foot in the grave."

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  1. LOL leave it to Grandpa to have a come back!If you #8 does that make me #12?