Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Memorable Christmas

Once upon a time,
on a hill in the Ozarks,
all was covered in snow.   

The roads were impassable,
no need for a rig. 
But Christmas was upon us,
and the gifts were not here. 

So parents, grandparents, uncles and cousins,
contrived to help Santa that year. 
A sled, piled high, was attached to the tractor,
and away Uncle Randy, to bring Christmas cheer.

Through the fields and up the hills,
gifts were delivered to the very front door. 
"But wait, there's more." 
And back down the hills, again through the fields,
to fetch Grandma and Grandpa,
to share Christmas this year.

The blankets were tucked
around Grandma with care,
"Hang on real tight, Ma. 
He'll soon have us there!"

"Don't worry 'bout me,
I don't mind it at all!"
So the sleigh and the "deer"
To the front door arrived,
her smile aglow, all warm from inside.

Mom had the day off, and dinner prepared,
We ate and we laughed, unwrapped and said thanks.
Christmas that year was a joyful time,
And Yes My Dear One,
Santa drives a John Deere!


  1. I love this!You get me into the Christmas spirit even more.I'm so blessed to have gotten reaquainted with you and your kids.I could not ask for more.

  2. Good job on those pics!Brings back lot's of memory's.

  3. oh the old home! i remember getting up before daylight with you to watch the sun come up!