Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Very Special Man

As the holiday is upon us
and the countdown is now in the single digits,
 I am mindful of one who is not here.

This is my Grandpa.

March 2007
Had he continued with us, my parents this week would be purchasing
 the traditional container of Folgers Classic Roast for his Christmas.
 And he would have celebrated his 85th birthday.
This is our first Christmas without him.

Above, helping his oldest son, my dad, cut slabs for a
family in need of fire wood. 
Winter 2009.

Sitting in the sun with Sissy in her
favorite place, his lap.
Spring 2009.

So much that I could say, but words fail me.

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  1. You got some good clear pics of him!I've been thinking of him alot lately which then makes me think of Randy.